The Belgian 501st Garrison is the local representative of the internationally well-known 501st Legion. The 501st Legion is a group of Star Wars fans, who creatively work together to recreate costumes of the Galactic Empire. Bounty hunters and other Star Wars villains are also welcome to join this group.

The 501st Legion is highly active in charity events. As such, the Belgian 501st Garrison is willing to aid any charity event organiser and provide costumed appearance when requested. Past charity events provided donations for Tsunami 1212, the Ziekenhuisclowns, petitions for reconstruction after breast amputations and more.

The Belgian Rebel Alliance members, Jedi, civilians and similar characters find their home in our sister-organisation: the Crescent Moon Alliance.

For years, the Belgian 501st Garrison has played a leading role in bringing the Galactic Empire to life. We’ve done so, by making quality costumes. We’ve been invited to countless events already and have connections all over the world. On January 2007, the Belgian 501st Garrison sent a 6-man delegation to Pasadena, California, at the request of Lucasfilm, to join fellow 501st Legion-members in the Rose Parade. This was Lucasfilm’s symbol of appreciation for what the 501st Legion is and does, especially in regard to its charity work.

IMPORTANT: there are two Belgian groups of the 501st Legion. The Belgian Garrison  which covers the Northern part of Belgium, including zones like Tournai and  sharing Brussels with the 2nd Garrison, located in south Belgium. Both Dutch- and French-speaking people find their place in the Belgian Garrison.

Future members have to check the Garrison territories before they start their registration to subscribe in the correct area and Garrison.

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